Tuesday, January 9, 2018

AVON Products Delievered Directly to YOUR HOME!


Hello all!  This is my 37th Anniversary with Avon....as of November, 2017
and I still love it...

If  I can be of any help to you, please let me know.   For Avon               
                                        You may contact me at:


                                    I now sell only through Avon Direct

What does that mean?

All  I need  is your name,  email address  and phone number and  Avon will email you a Avon
Catalog online  to your email address.....  so you can take a look at  all the Products that Avon has to offer.    You may purchase Avon anytime  by using your computer  go to Avon site and order   ...... using your credit card.... and  your products  ordered will be delivered directly  from Avon to your home address. So,  you can see how easy this is......if you  need any Avon please let me know.  It is as easy as that!!

         OK.  go to www.youravon.com/arlenadean

On the Avon site put your name, email address and phone number and send this to Avon.  By doing this Avon is set up to send you a Avon Catalog using your email address.  From there you can place your order.  You will began to receive Avon books +.... look at them and order right from there.  If ever you would like to stop receiving these catalogs...that can be done buy you stopping them.

By me being a Avon Rep that sells direct... I am only needed if you have a question about a item...or better still you can also  contact Avon directly. Please remember I do not handle your Avon order{s}....Avon Inc. does it all!

Thanks so much for your interest!

Arlena  selling for over  37 years and I love it!

Again please contact me at:
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Arlena Dean

And Thank You for visiting my blog site!